Booking Questions

Q: Do you have a Booking Policy or any Terms and Conditions?

A: Yes, we do. When booking with us you’ll find our Booking Policy on the overleaf of your Booking Form, which you’ll need to sign for us once reading. We’ve also got a copy of all policies on our website too!

Q: How do I enquire about hiring Maddison Entertainment for my event ?

If you’d like to hire us please go to the Contact Us page and get in touch using one of the contact methods there.

Please note: We’ll aim to reply promptly to your message to confirm our availability for your occasion. Bookings are only confirmed once we have received your reservation/booking fee.

Q: What Payment Methods are available?

A: We accept Cash (GBP) and Online (card payment).
For card payment you will receive a secure, unique link from our payment processor via email to make the payment online.

Q: When do I need to pay?

A: Please pay the reservation/booking fee for your event within 24 hours of us confirming our availability to you. The outstanding balance is to be paid 7 days before your event.
Please email our accounts department ( info@maddisonentertainment.co.uk ) if you are unsure of when you are due to pay or have any queries regarding payment.

Q: Do I need to sign the booking form?

A: Yes, For our records we need proof you have understood and accepted our Booking Policy.
We prefer receiving a physical signed copy (on the overleaf of your booking form).
If you’ve lost your booking form you can ask us to send out a new one to you or you can go to our policies page, print out a copy of our Booking Policy,  sign it and hand it to us at the start of your event.

By using Maddison Entertainment you agree to our Booking Policy.

Q: How do I cancel my event?

A: If you need to cancel your event please get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity.
Please quote your booking reference and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.
Unfortunately your booking fee is non-refundable. Any other payment (at the value of more than the booking fee) will be returned to you (please note: This may take up to 10-15 days for the money processing into your account).

Q: What type of events do you do?

A:  Weddings, Birthdays and Family Occasions, Themed Nights (Halloween, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s Themes etc), Proms, Christmas Parties, Family Fun Days, School Disco, Children’s Parties and More!
Unsure if we can do your event? Just get in touch and we’ll let you know.


Q: We’ve changed venue for the event or the Start/End Times have changed What do I do?

A: If this does happen please let us know at the earliest opportunity so we can make any necessary arrangements to accommodate this. If you would like to change the times we will need to check our availability again to see if we can accommodate the change; You may incur a fee if the length of the event is extended.
Please contact us for specifics regarding your booking as soon as possible.

Q: The venue has a Sound limiter is this an issue?

A: Unfortunately, it is company policy that we do not operate in venues with sound limiting equipment to protect our equipment from any potential damage.
If you are unsure please ask your venue if they have one; If we discover your chosen venue does have sound limiting equipment it will be at Maddison Entertainment’s discretion to proceed or not.

Q: My event is not in Cumbria, can you DJ my event?

A: Our short answer is “Likely, yes” Get in touch if you’d like a quick response regarding this.
We have done events in Cumbria, Scotland, Hexham and further afield before.

We’d just like to add that if we confirm we can do your event the full amount quoted for the booking might include a fuel cost charge, only to cover our costs of traveling to do your event and back. We just want to be as transparent as possible. 

Q: Can you do outdoor events?

A: Yes, We’ve previously been involved in outdoor family fun days etc with our Bouncy Castle and small PA Set up. Whether your venue is outdoors or partially outdoors we are happy to do your event providing there is a significant, reachable power source.
Please note though if it does rain or there is “dangerous weather” during the event it will be management’s decision what action to take; We will do our best to safely move equipment to safety/shelter if possible or in worst case scenario pack up/stop operation. This is for your and our safety; Water and Electrics aren’t safe.

Q: My event is outdoors but I’m not sure if there’s power.

A: If a power source isn’t available we may require a generator (subject to us being able to source one powerful enough); hire of special equipment such as generators may incur additional cost. If it does we will bring this to your attention before proceeding.

Bouncy Castle

Q:  When is your Bouncy Castle Hire available?

A:  Bouncy Castle Hire is available from 1st April every year. If you’d like to check our availability for Bouncy Castle hire please get in touch.

Q: Weather Conditions for the Bouncy Castle?

A: Our team monitor the weather conditions before unloading the equipment and also during your event. We only operate in safe conditions (space, adequate power supply and weather conditions etc). Safety and Fun is paramount at Maddison Entertainment.

Q: Is there any rules for Bouncy Castle users?

A: Yes, We display signs with them on near the inflatable and also have a copy online if you’d like a copy. We can also provide a risk assessment too. For Rules and other Bouncy Castle related policies please see our Policies page

Q: What happens if I book you and the weather is unsafe for Bouncy Castle operation?

A:  This will be decided on a case-by-case basis; The Weather and acts of God are out of our control. 


Discos – Things we get asked a lot at Disco’s

Q: Do you take requests?

A: We certainly do! Just pop up to the side of the DJ stand and say hello with your request.
We are always happy and encourage you and your guests to request songs at your event, after all it is your event.  Our policy is, if we have it and it’s appropriate for your occasion and audience we’ll play it*.

Q: I’ve got a playlist is that ok?

A: Absolutely, If your occasion is a Wedding please use our Wedding Planner which can be downloaded from our policies page so that we have all the key information we need; if you can include the first dance(s) on there too and return it to us if possible 24 hours before your event it will help us to prepare and ensure we’ve got your songs ready to go from our database.

For other occasions please either email us in advance or provide a paper playlist on the day (with the song and artist name) We’ll do our best to play as many as we can throughout the disco.

Q: I’m having a surprise party do I need to let you know?

A: believe it or not, there has been occasions the surprise party has been a surprise to us too!
Some people forget to say and let us know on the day.

It’s not a requirement but please do let us know when booking or at earliest opportunity so your DJ is aware and can prepare in time for you to surprise whoever you’re surprising.

Q: Have you got Karaoke?

A: As standard we do not bring our Karaoke equipment to a Disco due to the time and space this takes so unless you have specifically booked Karaoke with us we won’t be able to do Karaoke, sorry.

Karaoke is a service we offer or add-on but does cost extra to have due to us requiring the equipment and specific microphones. This is why we have changed our name to “Maddison Entertainment” to remove the word karaoke from the name to stop confusion.

Q: Can I sing?

A: We’re not professionals so we certainly can’t comment on that -presses red buzzer-.

If Karaoke is booked for your event then you certainly can! Sing your heart out to it’s raining men Uncle Craig!
If your event isn’t booked for Karaoke we won’t bring the appropriate equipment for it so won’t be able to let you sing, sorry. Our microphones are set and adapted for our DJ’s voices so we won’t give you it to sing.

Q: I’ve hired a Band/Artist can they plug in to your equipment?

A: Sorry we aren’t able to do this. We can provide PA Hire for speeches and sound upon request but we can’t allow others to use our equipment to sing or use in any way as it is not a service we offer at this current time.

If you require PA Hire for your band or hired artist please contact a local audio hire company for a dry hire or hire. But please speak to us if you have any questions about this in advance.

Q: Can you plug in my Mobile Phone, ipad, ipod, USB stick, CD or device to play a song?

A: NO. This is a strict company policy; none of our staff will allow or encourage such devices to be used.
We do this for safety of the equipment as well as for security reasons.

We don’t carry aux cords to facilitate plugging in devices as a rule and have disabled connectivity in our systems as a security measure.
We can’t charge up/plug in anything either for electrical safety reasons. But It’s very rare we get a song request that we don’t already have.

Q: Can I have a go at DJ-ing I’m a DJ?

A:  We know it might be tempting to ask but unfortunately even if you are deadmau5 or an amazing DJ we won’t be letting anyone unauthorised have a go, sorry.  Seriously though, we’re sure your hosts wanted you to enjoy the event with them not work it (or they’d ask you to! right?) you deserve to enjoy the day too.

Q: We are enjoying our night can you play for an extra hour?

A: Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.
If you do wish to extend your event please speak to the DJ at the earliest opportunity; We can’t promise they can but if they have permission from the owners or manager in charge of the venue themselves in person with you and the DJ is happy to for an agreed sum of money up front in Cash then this might be possible. Most venues do have strict cut off times though so best ask them first.

Miscelanious – Other questions…

Q: Is there any restrictions for Confetti Shooters, Smoke Machine, Snow Machines?

A:  In short, Some venues don’t allow Smoke Machines so it is best to check with them due to sensitivity of their Fire Protection Systems (Smoke Alarms etc) and some venues may not like the idea of cleaning up confetti…

It’s your responsibility as the booker of the venue to check with them that they’re ok with use of the add-on you’ve chosen (e.g. confetti or smoke machine) do reassure them that no pyro/fireworks are involved))  We try to double check with the venue ourselves on the day but we don’t always manage to check this; if we do check and the manager/person in charge on the day says no we will let you know and arrange a refund for the value of the ‘extra(s)’ only after the event.

Q: How do I provide Feedback from my booking?

A: Please contact us by email with any feedback you have. We’re working on introducing a feedback system soon but for now we’d appreciate an email with your feedback.