About the Challenge

In November Nathan will be taking part in a Fundraising Event for local Charity ‘Fletcher’s FUNd’. Nathan is one of 16 individuals who are walking a total of 207 Miles Each. To find out more about this fantastic fundraiser please see below.

Fletcher’s Fund is a small charity set up in memory of Fletcher Fisher. Fletch had an incredibly rare form of cancer, and during his treatment had to travel from his own in Carlisle to hospital in Leeds.

We have worked out that Fletch did this journey 11 times during this treatment. Each round trip was 300 miles. A long way for a poorly little boy.

So, to honour the miles he went to try to get better and to raise money and awareness of the charity that bears his name, we pledge to walk the distance.
We plan to walk the equivalent total mileage that Fletch traveled from Carlisle to Leeds and back. 11 times, 300 miles.

We’re walking 3300 miles!

There is a group of us – all involved in the day to day running / management of Fletcher’s Fund or that knew Fletcher himself whilst he was alive.
We are a small part of Team Fletcher.

For this challenge, there is 16 of us walking – 207 miles each.
We are scattered across the country – one even lives in Poland.

We have estimated that if we each walk 5 miles a day (around 10,000 steps), then we should complete the distance in 42 days.

The walk starts on November 1st, so we should be finishing on December 12th.

For those of you who don’t know me, I don’t like to exercise so this challenge is going to be tough. But its for such a good cause and without donations, Fletcher’s Fund would not be able to help so many children and their families. So, if anyone can spare a few pounds it is greatly appreciated.

Nathan – Maddison Entertainment