Here at Maddison Entertainment, we work with our fantastic clients in various industries and services such as event organisers, charities, Event venues, Pubs, our Residencies (Hotels) and, personal bookings.

For clients such as venue owners and pubs, we can now provide posters for their events that we are hired to work for.

This is a new service we decided to introduce due to many requests for posters from some of our regular customers so that they could promote the events they host in their venues such as Karaoke Nights at their Pubs.

We didn’t want to provide the standard Word-Doc/Power-Point poster (not that there’s anything wrong with it) so, we have spoken to our creative contacts and now we can supply clients with some basic event graphics for A3 and A4 Posters.
Also, we use a UK Based printing service to provide posters and leaflets on good quality paper to avoid a ‘tacky’ look and feel.

We advise all our clients to take up this add-on service because it will help promote their event with high-quality promotional materials and save them or their staff time creating it themselves.
We have put an example of one of our clients’ posters below:

Provision of posters and printing does come at an additional cost to the Client.

Event Poster for Tebay Halloween Event 2019
Client Poster by Maddison Entertainment for an Event in 2019