On the 15th of June it was World Environment Day.
World Environment Day is a day which encourages awareness and action for the protection of our environment.
You may have noticed on Social Media many brands were sharing how they’re doing their bit to reduce their Carbon footprint, increasing recycling and other methods to help protect the environment as well as individuals sharing tips and raising awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.


Every few months we sit down and discuss all of our processes, techniques and systems so we can review how we are doing as a team and further improve on what and how we do what we do.

Three weeks before World Environment Day we had our team meeting and discussed what we could do specifically for the day.
So, we sat down and done some calculations and discovered we were using lot of Batteries; We use these for our wireless microphones, receivers, our torches and storage lighting etc too.
As well as Batteries another thing we use a lot of are PVC Free single-use hearing protection (ear plugs) which were expensive and not ideal when you use two pairs per Disco.

The Solution

We decided that the best solution for our Battery usage was to implement a Rechargeable Batteries only policy. This means we won’t be buying rechargeable batteries anymore and will ensure we have enough batteries and spare pairs of rechargeable batteries on standby just incase the first lot run out of charge mid-disco because that would be far from ideal.

For our hearing protection single usage plugs issue we have solved this by making the decision to invest in reusable hearing protection (more about that below) whilst keeping a few pairs of single use plugs in our storage just incase they’re needed unexpectedly (e.g we were to forget our re-usable hearing protection or had a helper with us).

Ear Protection
When looking for the best solution for our Ear Protection we wanted something comfortable, long lasting and something that would mean we could protect ourselves whilst being able to hear the music clearly enough (foam plugs tend to block out sound). After extensive research we came across ACS Custom UK and got some goop (well, that’s not the technical term – it was more of a Putty) squirted into our ears to make impressions for some custom-fit Pro 26 Ear Filters and then a few weeks later the Ear Protection was delivered to the door by our Postie and ever since getting them we’ve been very satisfied with them; We must add though that there are plenty of perfect off-the-shelf solutions that can work but for our constant usage it was more appropriate to pay the price and get a guaranteed perfect fit that you wouldn’t be guaranteed with a ‘one size fit’s all’ approach of most off the shelf products.

To the date of writing this there is an active discount from a Kerrang partnership with ACS that offers a very generous 20% discount
( Rocksafe@ACS18 ). Fellow DJ’s can also able to get discount from Mobile DJ Network if they are a member.

We hope you enjoyed our little blog post about protecting our earholes and doing our bit for the environment.

*Please note: We are only suggesting discount options we have seen available on the web and are not responsible for any promotions or discounts. We recommend researching on the internet for relevant discount codes and as always promotions can end at any time.