On October 27th Maddison Entertainment took part in a Halloween-themed Firewalk to raise money for Fletcher’s Fund who are a fantastic charity in Carlisle that we support.
The Halloween Themed Party and Firewalk had a fantastic turnout and we were glad that we both have raised £500 for the charity and the overall total raised at the event was a whopping £3223.84.  

The Day

After we had set up our DJ equipment and our Sweet Cart the guests began to arrive; Shortly after we were introduced to Martin from Northern Firewalking UK who took us outside where Leanne and Lee from Fletcher’s Fund lit the fire and then Martin gave us a fantastic insight into the history of fire walking, how he started doing it for a career and then a safety brief before we walk on some very hot coals.

After all fire walkers had finished walking we went back inside to warm up and eat some food with all the guests before dancing the night away to a variety of music including some Halloween Classics.

Sheenah Alcock filmed the firewalk and Jenny Woolgar Photography was the Event Photographer snapping some action shots of the fire walkers and guests which will be available to see in the November 2018 edition of Carlisle Living Magazine. 

Thank You

Thanks to all the Firewalkers, their sponsors, and all the guests who attended the event. 

Maddison Entertainment would just like to add their thanks to Fletcher’s Fund, their Trustees, and Volunteers who done an amazing job at organising the event and making sure it ran so smoothly.

We would also like to give thanks to all our friends, colleagues, customers, and families who supported us with words of encouragement and financially (sponsoring us).
A big thanks to Helen, Nick, and all the team at Intro PR for sponsoring our T-Shirts for the event.

A Photo Booth for the event was kindly provided by Northern Love Letters.

Also, A shout out to Loud and Bright Carlisle for hooking us up with some UV Equipment.