A bit about the project…
ehind the scenes we’ve been working hard planning and project managing for the launch of our new website.

During our rebranding mentioned in the previous blog post we began thinking about the current website we had and thought of ways to improve it and bring it together with the new branding.
As much as we loved our first website we decided in the end the best course of action was to find a web developer and start from scratch.


Project Managing
For a bit of fun we came up with a fun little project code name “project fresh web”.
We used Trello to create a project plan board to monitor our progress but also to help us and others understand the process involved and stages we ended up going through along the way.

For this project James was doing the project managing For a project like this it’s something that requires time to plan, great time management and communication.
Maddison Entertainment wanted a new website that matched their updated branding and also wanted to introduce features the previous site didn’t have like a blog and ability to edit their own website.
It was agreed how important it was to choose a local developer for this project as it is truly important to support local businesses whenever you can especially with projects like this when you have a wealth of talent on your doorstep he said. 

We’re really happy with our new website and Dan was amazing to work with and was always ensuring everything was done exactly as we wanted it and put up with us and our fussiness like that time we wanted some extra spacing between two buttons. We were amazed that he did an amazing job bringing our designs to life.

The BIG Thank You’s

Dan develops Bespoke web apps, mobile solutions, websites and more, You can check out Dan’s website here for more information about what he can do for you and your business.
Wes certainly has a talent when it comes to writing. His work can be found on the home page and our key services page. We’re glad we chose fantastic Wordsmith Wes. Check out his Business page.
We needed a human with passion and who’s great when it comes to Photoshop. So, for this we chose Ty H. He’s done some fantastic work for us in the past too including our newsletter Ad graphics.

We hope you enjoy our new website and a big thanks to all who were involved in it.