Over time many businesses go through a rebranding to modernise or adapt their look to the character of the brand or what is trendy or to make it look more simplistic in a good way; Whatever their reason you’ll have seen many brands do it over the years including the likes of the Instagram app icon and MasterCard for example.

In December we decided to change Maddison Entertainment’s Logo from a square/rounded logo to a landscape logo; This change was finalised and put into place in January 2018 and now you can all see the results.

Admittedly, when you are rebranding for the first time it is not until you sit down and realise all the things that you have to change or phase out and replace with the new logo/branding over time.

Some examples are things like:

•Signage • Uniform • Documents • Social Media • Business Cards • Logo on website • Letter Heads etc

And the list goes on… You get the idea! 

Although it can be quite a task we were very excited to be making exciting changes to our image as a company.

In January we had our Business Cards re-designed and our DJ Stand logo-ed up. We also began purchasing and changing logos on documents, promotional materials (Leaflets, Posters, Logo Bottle Openers) and now in July we just need to finish the re-brand with the purchase of a new uniform after trialling some sent to us by a North East based supplier.

We’re grateful for all the positive feedback we’ve been given about our rebrand and we’re glad we took the leap and changed it.

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